Shane & Stephanie

October 5, 2019Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

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Post-Wedding Update: If You'd Like To Send Shane & Steph A Gift...


We can't thank our friends and family enough for being part of our big day! We've had people ask where we are registered for the purposes of sending a gift. Luckily, we've been blessed to have all the housewares we need to get by, but if you'd like to send a gift to The Maverick Foundation to keep him in diapers and dry bibs, please feel free to send a card to:

The Kosakowski Family

1916 S. Janette Lane

Anaheim, CA 92802

All our love and appreciation,

Shane, Steph & Mav


As many of you know, Shane and Steph met while selflessly volunteering their time to a program where they would read the news of the day to blind dogs. Just kidding, they met on Tinder - a website for truly classy single people. They set their geographical parameters at the maximum (50 miles) and soon their long-distance relationship blossomed. Shane would take the train from LA Union Station down to Irvine, and Steph would brave gridlock on the 5 North, just to see each other.

Before long, Steph moved up to LA, Shane adopted her dog Lillie as his own and they lived happily in Hollywood and then Downtown LA. They took trips, walked to Clippers/Kings games at Staples Center, went to concerts -- it was a wonderful life. Though they had no idea how much happier they could be until March 13th of this year. That's when they welcomed Maverick into their world, the greatest gift they could've ever imagined.

So it's with great joy that Shane, Steph, Maverick and Lillie ask you to join them in celebration of their little family on October 5th!

The Wedding

Saturday, October 5, 2019
4:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Soka University of America
1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA

Transportation will be provided from the site of the ceremony to the site of the reception (about a half-mile away)

Wedding Party

Mark Kosakowski - Best Man

Shane's brother, his former roommate, his emergency contact, the reason he moved to LA, his culinary mentor, his beer-making partner and Maverick's favorite dude

Franklin Hardy - Groomsman

Shane's writing partner for a decade, one of his best friends and the person who has probably spent more time with Shane than perhaps anyone in the world

Seth Laderman - Groomsman

Shane's best friend in LA, his consigliere, his golf tutor, his partner in a failed Lionsgate pilot and his fantasy football arch enemy; Shane also performed Seth's wedding ceremony to his wife (Heather)

John Michaels - Groomsman

Shane's brother-in-law, technically, but much they are much closer to being brothers; golf buds, Orange fanatics, beer enthusiasts and State Fair regulars, John is one of Shane's closest friends

Ben Walsh - Groomsman

Shane's best friend from college, Shane and Ben met on their first day at Ithaca College and were pretty much inseparable thereafter. Living together, wearing each other's clothes, spending countless hours on I-18 between Syracuse and Ithaca... they were together all the time. Shane and Ben had the best of times at IC, and also faced some tragedy, but they went through it all together.

Todd McCarthy - Groomsman

Shane's best friend from home, Todd and Shane performed the final dance from DIRTY DANCING at The Mr West Genesee Pageant in 1997. It's still the greatest achievement of their lives. Yeah, I said it.

Duncan Hamilton - Groomsman

One of Shane's best friends in the world, Duncan easily holds the record for the friend of Shane's who has made the trek out to California to see Shane the most. Likewise, as Duncan's career as a surgeon has taken him from Iowa to Indiana and beyond, Shane has trekked out to see him.

Jason Lazarski - Groomsman

In high school, Jason and Shane were rivals on the basketball court, but when they both moved to Southern California in their early 20s, they put their on-court rivalry aside and became the best of buds. Shane was honored to perform Jason and Brooke's wedding ceremony in 2009 and their Polack families keep grower closer and closer with the additions of Evan and Maverick (who are already best friends).